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Jul 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
will come later this week. >> officials say that the suspected shooter but the weapons used illegally, which has opened up the debate about gun control. some say it is a vivid reminder about the need to make weapons harder to get, but defenders of gun rights say that restricting sales one not go to end mass shootings. >> legislators should not be afraid of the nra or gun manufacturers, and should be standing up to say that we will do something -- >> putting restrictions on the law-abiding does not seem to have much impact. >> hollywood studios are uniting this weekend. sony, folks, -- fox, and universal adjoining the distributor of "the dark matter arises" in withholding box office estimates. -- "the dark knight rises" by withholding office estimates. log onto for the very latest on this. several developments out of penn state. a candice landmark is gone, and the school seems to be in big trouble with the n.c.a.a.. >> today, the university removed a statue of the late football coach joe paterno, which had become a lightning rod for controversy. monday morning, n.c.a.a. will
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1